If you’d like to embark on the incredible journey that is CISV, become a member of CISV Fredericton today! All you have to do is fill out the membership form below and email it to or bring it with you to you or your child’s next Minicamp or activity.

Membership gets you access to all CISV Minicamps and activities as well as our programs. Non-members may attend one Minicamp or activity as a trial, but to continue to be involved after this point, they must become members. JB and non-local programs are also only available to members.

Membership Form
Here’s a link to our membership form. Please download it and fill it out, then scan it and send a copy to our email address. If you are unable to do this, you may also request a paper copy by emailing us!

The current membership price for CISV Fredericton stands at 65$ for a Family Membership and 30$ for an Individual Membership (age 19+).

The fees go toward ensuring that we can continue to run events like activities and minicamps for the chapter. CISV Canada is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers; there are no paid staff.  While financing of our quality operations is essential, we endeavour to keep costs down through sensible planning and professional delivery of our programmes.

Youth under the age of 19 are not eligible for Individual Memberships and must become members with the Family Membership option. The Family Membership gives all immediate family access to CISV programs and Junior and Adult Branch Boards. (JB and AB).

If you’d like to inquire about financial assistance, please contact

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